Wednesday, 07.03.2018

At the premises of Draugiem Group, Ojāra Vācieša street 6B, Riga

According to extensive research, Coaching has become a bright and growing trend in the management of successful companies. One area of exceptional importance is the evolution of team interaction – from internal competition, to trust and respect, and organic high efficiency.

In this Masterclass we will explore Team Coaching as a space for developing effective types of thinking. A space where people are invited, not forced. Invited to use value-based instruments to create relationships; Invited to think strategically to create long-term results; Invited to participate in a productive dialogue with clear results and voluntary responsibilities. Invited to create a true World Game.

Tired of doing all the work for your team?  If you want to get your team involved more, join the masterclass Team Coaching – the Lumina Way. During the masterclass you will be able to  adjust your leadership style, learn how to create the right conditions to maximise team performance, raise motivation,  secure the best from each individual in your team etc. Masterclass will provide practical tools and strategies to help you be better at this.

This masterclass will give managers the opportunity to recognize the importance of each team member in the team’s work. The “Team Stream” methodology authors will provide practical examples, as well as virtual discussion with the teams, we will learn work improvement methods and manager development options specific to each team. By asking the right questions we will learn: what are the goals and what is important to the team; what does the team know about teamwork; what resources are available to the team and what obstacles it faces; how to promote cooperation and creativity in the team. Team flow is a condition that can only be experienced when working together with the team, so it is recommended that during the masterclass there is possibility to connect with your team (50 minutes) online.

Thursday, 08.03.2018

ICF Latvia invites business leaders to attend the exclusive masterclass: “The Systemic Wisdom of Horses”, which will be lead by trainer and coach Marion Latour from the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands and guest trainer at the Systemic Constellations Center Riga.

Why horses and what can they teach leaders?

Horses have lived on Earth for over 65 million years and have naturally developed knowledge and experience in cooperation, collectivity and the optimal use of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They understand their existence without thinking.

The structure and behaviour of herds of horses can be applied to organisation and team life. It’s important for herds to function properly. When a herd of horses isn’t functioning properly it internally reorganises itself to renew the strength of the herd, in this way increasing the odds of survival. By understanding the mechanisms for horse herd existence, we can learn many new things about working together successfully as a team.

You will have the opportunity to:

– Take part in short exercises with horses to understand hose behaviour and gain insights for work with your team

– Observe natural horse behaviour, herd behaviour and the systematic wisdom of horses, “translating” and applying it to organisational life

– Find out what behaviour affects teams, what makes teams strong and what makes them weak, what type of leader you are, etc.

Masterclass participants will work with horses indoors in an enclosure. No previous knowledge about horses is required for participation in the masterclass. And no, we will no ride horses! We will interact with them.

When attending the masterclass we ask that you dress warmly and choose closed footwear appropriate for the enclosure (we suggest warm boots). Take into consideration that we will be in an unheated space, which is suitable for horses. Masterclass working language – english.

The masterclass will take place during the ICF Coaching Conversations 2018 >11 secrets of great teams conference. Tickets: