History and Concept

Latvia is the cradle of good ideas, and we are good at creating exceptional things! Back in 2009, it was the idea of IFC Latvia branch to create “Coaching on Tour” – a cycle of events taking place in different countries. Initially, the conferences were organized in the Baltic States, but later the idea was adopted by the International Coaching Federation Currently, the cycle of conferences unites 31 countries, more than 7,000 coaches and 50 lecturers.

The title of the conference cycle is “ICF Coaching Conversations”. The aim of ICF Latvia is to continue creating socially important changes, share skills, educate and inform Latvian organizations, coaches and media about the importance of coaching and opportunities to apply it in practice in their own work and to improve their quality of life.
“ICF Coaching Conversations” is not only the right place and time for development, it is also a growth platform for different organizations allowing to them share and acquire experience, ask questions and find answers, generate ideas and eureka moments, feel supported, as well as to grow and develop.

Theme of the ICF Coaching Conversations 2018 >11 secrets of great teams on March 7th and 8th in Riga, Latvia.

“There’s no “I” in team. Each team member has to adapt their “I” to “We”, continuously developing their abilities to improve internal relations and cooperation. In turn, leaders face the challenge first by knowing themselves to create and maintain the team as a platform where people develop as personalities and as professionals, building an intelligent team together.”

Gita Meldere, President of ICF Latvia